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We offer the following standard services, but we are also available to solve whatever specific problem a client or computer may have. Contact us if you have any questions or would like a quote for something not listed below.

The services listed also show typical hourly labor estimates. Except for specials, package deals, and warranty service, all services are billed at an hourly rate of $96 with minimum billing of one hour and time charged in 15-minute increments thereafter. Payment is due when the service call is completed. Please see our complete business policies for further details.

Hardware | Software | Data | Custom | Small Office/Home Office

Hardware Installation and Configuration
Service Estimated Hours
Install hard drive < 1 hour
Install additional memory < 1 hour
Install internal peripheral device
(e.g., sound card, video card, modem, etc.)
1 hour
Install and configure printer 1 hour
Install and configure scanner or digital camera/Web cam 1 hour
Install and configure wireless home network 1.5 hours
Install and configure a PC card in your laptop 1 hour

Software Installation and Configuration
Service Estimated Hours
7-Point PC Checkup 1-1.5 hours
Install and configure new Microsoft operating system 1.5 hours
Upgrade current Microsoft operating system Windows 7 2 hours
Install and configure a single application < 1 hour
System security audit and consultation 1 hour

Data Transfer and Backup
Service Comments Estimated Hours
Clone hard drive (copy entire contents of one hard drive to another) For all data transfer and backup services, the time required depends on the amount of data to be copied. 1+ hours
Transfer selected data from one hard drive to another
(e.g., e-mail archives, documents, photos, movies and
music files, etc.)
1+ hours
Back up data to CD or DVD 1+ hours

Custom Built Systems and Training
Service Comments Estimated Hours
Custom built systems Assemble new system 1 hours
With operating system installation 2 hours
With data transfer from old system 2+ hours
Operating system and
application training
Please contact us for a custom quote.

Small Office/Home Office
Service Comments Estimated Hours
Network configuration and setup Site must be pre-wired. We cannot install or modify any wiring. 2 hours
General troubleshooting Please contact us for a custom quote.